Have you ever seen the sun, crying, for every slice of moon being disappeared with the passage of time at witching hour?
No, you might not see!
As the sun never cries and so he never fails to rise over and again. He never gets broken, as he knows, the moon gets disappeared for appearing with a charismatic and alluring circle, anew! The full moon never fails to knock the gateway of Sun.

Have you ever seen the moon, crying, for any shooting star, as it’s leaving?
No you might not see!
As the moon knows, the star is falling for someone’s precious pray. And she believes, even if, it’s behind the clouds, but still, there are thousands of stars to cuddle her.

None come alone, as our first dwelling is our mother’s womb. We stay with her from our very first breath. And later, from the first heartbeat and first footstep on floor, we are harboured with the amour and shelter of our originator, our parents!
We are never alone! And none is gonna die alone,as when you are about to embrace the depth of the soil ; some tiny hearts will be there to shed tears on your grave, to dampen your graveyard.
While the eternal peace will be kissing your forehead and sober face, deep inside your wrinkles you will still have the vivid trace of that special someone’s touch.

And, may be, you haven’t met your special one yet. May be you are already enough broken, may be you have lost faith on human and humane, may be you have decided to give up ;
But, still, keep walking, like the cloud float on the sky with billions of drops earthing inside chest but with a solasta appearance!
Keep walking, as there are thousands of milestones to be left behind.
But, one day, beside a milestone, you will see that someone special, waiting for you, to hear all your sins ; to kiss your tears, misery and pieces ; to hear your soul!
That one person will be there, only for you, to love you and make you love again!

Surely, someday, that person will be there.
Yes, someday!
Just not today!


Copyright 2017


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